Jody Middleton

 "We found ourselves working together after being hired by the largest private label juice processing company in the nation.  Our skills were put to the test in 2002 as we helped develop their newest Walla Walla bottling facility from the ground up.  Today it produces millions of cases of juice every year.  Over the years we each started a family and both had 2 boys.  With a new focus on creating a better future for our children and an interest in wine, we decided to take an opportunity to go back to school.  In 2008 we enrolled to earn a degree in one of the nations most awarded enology and viticulture programs at Walla Walla Community College.  Upon finishing our first quarter of the program we set a challenging goal to grow grapes and make wine for ourselves.  After planting a small vineyard, we quickly knew we wanted to take it to the next level and open a winery.  Our first vintage was made in 2010 and with every passing year we gain more appreciation and love for this awesome privilege of making wine.  Today we often talk about plans to teach our sons winemaking and dream of the day we pass this privilege on to our 4 Boys."

"Thank you to all of you that are making this dream a reality.  We will be honored for you to make a place at your table for a bottle of J&J Vintners wine!" 

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Co-owners and Winemakers Jody Middleton and Jeremy Petty were both born and raised in Walla Walla, Washington.  They first met on the middle school football field in 1991, then continued through high school together.

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Jeremy Petty

"We've developed our winery much like our family... with heart, soul, detail and discipline... from this comes the best wine"

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